Digital Gainz — The 4 Steps to Getting Known and Winning Business Online

This year it is estimated that 2.5 Billion people will have a smartphone. That means 2.5 Billion people, or 36% of the world’s population, are now accessible through a cellular network. Trailing close behind cellular networks is Facebook with 2.27 billion monthly active users at the end of 2018.

There has never been a less expensive way to get your brand in front of the exact right people. The game is on, but are you even on the field?  

If you’re not thinking about how to use digital marketing now, you will regret it later. However, if you’ve yet to get much traction, you’re not alone.

We created this 4-Step process as at tool to help busy, business owners in the strategic planning processes of digital marketing. Our goal is to pull you out of the weeds of content and copy and platforms and metrics to determine what it is you are attempting to do, and how to best approach digital marketing in a smart, organized and profitable way.

Whether you want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram or LinkedIn and Twitter this 4 Step Process applies to most all.

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  1. Clarify Your Brand & Value Promise

    You can’t get known unless you know what you want to be known for, by who and for what. Being known generally is ok, but being known in a way that supports your business is the goal. That’s why the most important part of building your digital marketing funnel is brand clarity.

    Brand Clarity takes time to develop, and because of that, many businesses skip over it and rush into designing logos and building websites. This is like putting up walls and installing new windows before laying the proper foundation for building a house.

    There are many benefits to businesses that invest in clarifying their brand. One of which is the ability to boil down into a couple of words the promise of value your service provides. Brand clarity makes every marketing activity easier to do and therefore, more effective overall. But the major reason to invest in brand clarity is that we live in a world where attention is a currency. If you get my attention, you have an ever shorter window of opportunity to keep it.

    In a world where attention is a currency, clarity is power.

    For the purposes of digital marketing, brand clarity makes the process of figuring out your content strategy much easier to do and for others to help you produce.

    Without it, really smart people are getting stuck in website projects not knowing what to say or creating cool videos but not really harnessing the potential value out of them because… they are not knowing what message to be focused on.

    Skipping brand clarity, increases the time to minimum viable funnel by two (at least) for as much as or more than four times as much money, than if they’d built their marketing foundation right the first time.

    These are the core components of Brand Clarity:

    1. Brand Foundation -- The Core Components Of Who You Are

    2. Brand Promise -- The Fundamental Focus Of Your Business

    3. Brand Story -- Crafting A Story Arch Within Your Content Strategy

  2. Start With The End In Mind, But Build It Lean

    Start with the end in mind when it comes to estimating how much to invest in digital marketing. Most professional service businesses do not spend enough money on advertising and rely most heavily on getting referrals. Or, they spend the right amount of money, but on too many things to get results in any one direction. This is a mistake that will cost you dearly over the next few years, as more and more of your competitors learn how to leverage advertising to get in front of your network.

    Instead base your budget on the long term value of your customer. If they are worth $50-75K to your business, surely spending $10-20K per acquisition is reasonable and in fact, a fantastic ROI. However, most professional service firms are not investing in advertising at the level at which they want to attract. Therefore, they are left taking the clients that happen upon them, instead of the clients that are a perfect fit for their value proposition. We think this is because of a general lack of understanding of what advertising - specifically digital advertising - can do for their firm.

    The Success Of Your Business Is Dependent Upon Regularly Increasing The Number Of People Who Know You

    But, not just any people — right-fit people.

    Start with the end in mind when it comes to budgeting for ads, but build it lean by distributing your budget on the content and support services you need to achieve a minimum viable funnel. Think of your minimum viable funnel as the shortest path your customer takes on the journey to becoming a client. Once you have this in place, you extend the journey on both the front and back ends. On the front end, you are providing more education to move the customer along your sales process. On the back end, you are re-targeting folks within the customer journey with content that provides comparative analysis and overcoming objections.

    These are the three major stages of a digital marketing funnel:

    1. Top Of Funnel -- Introductory Content

    2. Middle Of Funnel -- Comparative Analysis Content

    3. Back of Funnel -- Direct Response Content

  3. Duplicate Yourself  With Video Based Selling for Pipeline Automation

    One critical factor to building your digital marketing funnel is connecting with and establishing rapport with leads at the peak of their interest. Slow response times hurts your ability to win business as 35-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first.

    By the time an online lead gets in contact with you they are potentially 60% or more through the sales process and have done most of the research necessary to make a buying decision.

    Video allows you to “meet” your prospects exactly where they are in the sales process with the right narrative and presentation to educate and tackle common objections before they even talk to you or your team.

    Video has been shown to triple response rates and increase the number of meetings booked by 500%

    Solutions for this range from robotic process and cognitive automation, but Video Based Selling techniques are by far more effective. This process is much akin to the voice recorded automation used in telephone marketing and customer service systems we are all accustomed to. Unlike the telephone version, video creates the same bonds of trust, credibility, and rapport as a face-to-face sales encounter.

    Radically Distinct provides both the creative services and implementation support that businesses need to leverage these tools effectively.   


  4. Get Support Sticking To A Repeatable Routine

    Though the business world is constantly evolving, somethings will always hold true like Peter Drucker’s illustrious words, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

    But you won’t have any data to measure unless you actively engage in a routine.

    A challenge that businesses of all sizes face with digital marketing is trying to be the content creator, the promoter of content, and the analyst of the effectiveness of the content AND stay creative and focused on telling basically the same thing over and over again. PLUS -- don’t forget all the other marketing activities you do sign and retain customers and to deliver on services promised.

    That’s why businesses hire agencies to help them. The external support is what creates the consistent presence required to get and be known, and the methodical approach required to “crack” your marketing funnel.

    When it comes to growing professional service firms, data shows that a mix of internal and external marketing support outperforms internal only. The reason is that the number of different skills required to build an effective digital marketing customer acquisition system -- is such a long list that you might as well become a marketing company once you hire them all. Even marketing companies have a hard time doing that.

    Generally speaking, when it comes to hiring outside support for digital marketing, you need two different teams.

    You need one team focused on community management. They are the ones creating social content on a day to day or week by week basis. They receive leads and get them set up with the right person inside to talk to.

    Additionally, you need a team focused on increasing demand for your services. They are the ones concepting and developing content for how to introduce your business to new audiences and developing that interest into desire. This is a specialty of our team at Radically Distinct.

    Your internal team is generally comprised of subject matter experts that can develop winning sales proposals, and brand managers who oversee the marketing as a whole. Our team at Radically Distinct supports your team with a Radical Branding process. We bring clarity, creative direction, and raw content organized into a story structure. We also support your business development team with lead generation programs on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


    These 4 Steps are intentionally a high level overview and framework to think strategically about growing your business in a profitable way. If you need help applying these ideas to your business or have feedback on this content, contact us here.