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About Us


We empower businesses to leverage their brand value & make meaningful connections with the right people.


Who We Are

Brand Marketing Advisors

We are a team of independent-minded creative professionals comprised of marketing strategists, business developers, brand designers, copywriters, and digital technologists. Our business model is much like the motion picture industry with a core leadership team based in Seattle Washington, and a vast network of freelance specialists for support on a project by project basis.

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Jenn Morgan – CEO & Lead Strategist

Jenn Morgan brings clarity, direction, and ease to the process of building businesses and creating content for digital marketing. As Captain of the Radically Distinct team, Jenn brings 18 years’ experience empowering people to get to the heart of what they’re about, and then develop their voice and the words to articulate their message as a siren call to their right-fit client.

She has been featured in Forbes magazine and The Wall Street Journal, and has spoken on the stages of dozens of women leadership initiatives nationally. Jenn is a Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship mentor, and host of a globally syndicated podcast, Radically Distinct Radio.

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Xavier Ortega – Executive Producer

Xavier Ortega has 14 years’ experience managing marketing and directing sales for Fortune 500 companies such as Comcast, Airgas and Corinthian Colleges, Inc. His video based selling solutions help brands form stronger bonds with customers, increase conversions and shorten sales cycles.

By connecting compelling communication in script and copy with digital content strategy for funnel building, Xavier helps our client’s by engineering an increase in their lead flow conversions and sales. Winning numerous national awards for outstanding performance and customer satisfaction, Xavier is who you need when you want to produce content that advances your brand’s agenda in today’s market.


Derek Blagg – Design Director

Derek has 25 years’ experience connecting brands with their customers in digital, print and luxury retail. Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial ventures alike rely on his design solutions to accelerate and accentuate the know, like and trust factor of their brand. Whether creating images for advertising or designing brand experience online or in store, Derek’s thoughtful approach provides both the structure and support for marketing initiatives to achieve business goals.

His advertising work has graced the pages of national publications such as Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes and Mens’ Health along with hundreds of product catalogs and websites worldwide including Volvo, Ford, Coca-cola, US Postal and Quicken Loans.

Our Mission

Proactively create the future of business by empowering people to know & leverage their unique value.

Our mission is the compass that guides our long term impact as a business. Our values are the pillars that keep us grounded with a solid foundation. We strive to conduct business in harmony with our values – and nurture positive culture within our organization.

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Each of us has the right and responsibility to self-govern how and where we spend our time, energy, and resources. This autonomy gives us the capacity to bring our whole selves and contribute our unique value to the communities and cultures of which we belong.

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Today more than ever, none of us exists as a single entity. Specializing in a chosen area of expertise requires us to rely on one another for our short and long term survival, support, and success.

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We embrace problems as opportunities for doing more with less, embracing the new, and evolving our ethics to resemble our ethos. To this aim, we are willing to change and grow ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.

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We leave our ego at the door every morning and focus on doing truly outstanding work that contributes to building great organizations. This means that we do not try to be the smartest or brightest in the room, but instead make space for the best ideas and paths to emerge.

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We believe in doing the best we can so that we are proud of our work. Even if no one is watching or granting us accolades, we garner great satisfaction toward this pursuit and collaborating with others who do too.



Join us on our journey.

Please feel free to reach out. We’d love to discuss ways we can collaborate and contribute to your success.