5 Coolest Kickstarters to Back Right Now

Featured project -    Isaiah the Demon Slayer        Starting at     $100+ pledge = Vacation Getaway for 2!

Featured project - Isaiah the Demon Slayer Starting at $100+ pledge = Vacation Getaway for 2!

Radically Distinct’S Top 5 #Kickstarter Project List includes new tech early bird specials, documentary film on moviemaking, and luxury resort getaways for 2. Check them out. Better yet, back one.


1)   I Am a Rebel Girl - A publishing project by Timbuktu Labs

 Description: A guided journal that helps girls train their rebel spirit and lead the revolution of our time.

This project has an incredibly timely message and philosophy and it was all by design. This activity book caters to empowering a young girls’ non-conformist nature by guiding them through awareness building and curiosity paths they will need take in order to understand what need to be questioned about their world and how they can make a difference.

Coolest Backer Reward: For $5,000 the author will speak at an event of your choosing in addition to an amazing merchandise package that includes 10 signed-copies of the book and more. Campaign ends: 10/18/18




2) The End of Bad Filmmaking - A film project by Andre Walstrom

Description:  A feature length documentary film about how to make an award winning film.

There are few things, in my eyes, cooler than a product of empowerment. For creators, how-to junkies, and video entrepreneurs alike this should be a good one. An educational resource in the form of a documentary that teaches the viewer how to adopt the best practices and avoid pitfalls on their way to producing an award winning film.

Coolest Backer Reward: SEK 1,500 Pledge ($171) receives an additional instructional film titled - How I Sold My First Film to Netflix - which is the perfect compliment to the original project content. Campaign ends: 11/2/18


3) Peghin’s Heated Smart Jacket - Fashion project by Alejandro Peghin  

Description: A programable self-heating smart jacket.

The era of tech-infused apparel is getting into full-swing as more designs are being produced each year—like this self-heating (that’s right) smart jacket from Italy. This super-fashion forward innovation is truly heating things up this fall and may forever change our views of the winter experience. Definitely worth scoping—not to mention the product showcase video looks like “Little-X” directed it. Campaign ends:

Coolest Backer Reward: Early bird offering of the jacket itself with a power core included starting at just $129. Campaign ends: 10/23/18


4) Beam Backpack - Product design project by Kingsons Prime

“Harness the sun.” I love the simplicity and poetic play on words (harness correlates to holding something—like a backpack does) in this tagline used to promote this backpack designed to collect and store solar energy as remotely usable power. That’s…a completely self contained power supply that recharges…because its outside!

Coolest Backer Reward - For just a $99 pledge you can get one of these early bird released backpacks and change your power accessibility options for good! Campaign ends: 10/6/18

Cover art for  Isaiah The Demon Slayer  by Xavier Ortega

Cover art for Isaiah The Demon Slayer by Xavier Ortega

5)     Isaiah the Demon Slayer - A graphic novel project, YA/T SciFi/Fantasy by Xavier Ortega (and author of this post💪🏽.)

Description: A dystopian epic about a young boy’s journey to discover his true power and purpose. It’s a comic book and a survival guide for young adults and the world they may inherit in the next half century.

The comic book and graphic novel category on Kickstarter is hot! It boasts one of the most successful collections of campaigns (over 4k successfully funded last year) and some of the coolest rewards. However—this one—takes the bank!

Coolest Backer Reward: A Luxury Resort Vacation for 2 adults and up to 2 children! Starting at $100 pledge you can choose Las Vegas or Orlando! Other destinations include Cancun-Mexico, Phuket-Thailand and more! NO GIMMICKS—NO TIMESHARES!!! These are Legit resort stays! Campaign ends: 10/25/18 Check it out here.

Now that you know the hottest projects to back right now you have a chance to become the coolest stocking stuffer in town this holiday season. Just imagine—a vacation gift voucher to a luxury resort in Mexico for two—or a pre-ordered solar harnessing backpack! What are you waiting for…go back something. #JustBackIt

Xavier Ortega