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Joe Brogan is Legal Counsel for some of the most well respected real estate investors, property owners and developers in the Pacific Northwest. With our help, he was able to carve out more time in his busy schedule to develop new business, and close more deals.



Joe Brogan has hit a peak in his career. Clients such as Vulcan, Inc., Costco, Safeway, BNSF, Wright Runstad, the Nordstrom family and the Port of Tacoma trust Joe’s counsel to help save them time and money on a range of real estate, project permitting and litigation matters.

To say he is busy is an understatement. Although successful, he knew he could be doing better if he upped his marketing game.


  • Positioning Strategy

  • Business marketing plan

  • Planning Partnership

  • Executive branding



Joe was doing well in career, but wanted to up his marketing game. He was seeking a fresh perspective and advice for how to stay competitive and relevant with brand and marketing. We consulted with Joe to determine what that meant to him. Realized he wanted to finesse his approach to things like positioning himself and his ideas at partner meetings. Presenting and differentiating his value to potential customers. Creating a personal marketing plan that worked with his busy schedule.

We started by evaluating his personal brand, and building a value proposition of his specific skillset and background. He intuitively knows it’s a key component of his value proposition, but didn’t have the words to communicate why. Writing the value proposition helped him both see and more deeply understand the value of his expertise from a customer’s perspective.

Then we set to working on differentiating his law practice and his major competitors. This was a key element of their proposal process, and one that, they had always struggled to communicate. In just a few short weeks of starting our planning partnership, Joe was closing new business deals like a seasoned sales pro. Once he saw how much easier it was to close new business, with the proper communication tools, he was much more energized to spend time on his marketing.

Because he is so busy, we had to focus on small, high-impact activities for his personal marketing plan. Things that he could both commit to doing on a monthly basis, and things that required very little digital or media support.

We taught him a new approach to business interactions - it’s like an elevator pitch, but it’s more conversational and helped him with things like working a room at a networking event and turn discussions into leads.

Once we ironed out the details of his plan and metrics to track, he was ready for one new thing: Creating and building a profile on Linkedin. He’s a busy guy with two young children. Spending time on social media hasn’t been on his agenda or desire list. Again, we started small, with 1 or 2 interactions per week. He received new business from the platform within a couple weeks.


  • 15% growth 2 years in a row -  30% growth

  • Used to have 3 business development meetings per year, now has 3 per month

  • Confidence to pitch his value prop



The investment I made with Radically Distinct has returned multiple times over.
— JOE BROGAN, Real Estate Lawyer, Water Land Use Expert, Partner at Foster Pepper



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