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A parkour training company on a mission to teach children and adults how to move in harmony with their environment. With our help, Kong Academy sold our their summer camp series and doubled their revenue goals in just 6 weeks.



Kong Academy is a fast growing, education and training business with a unique service offering for schools and families. The owners are very involved in the running of the company and marketing regularly gets put to the side. With only a couple months remaining in the school year, they had done absolutely 0 promotions for their fast approaching summer camp. They needed a fast and effective solution to raise awareness of their offering and convert that awareness into sales.


  • Marketing Strategy

  • Facebook Advertising

  • E-mail Campaign



Traditionally, when building a social media advertising program, we spend time warming up potential audiences before a big sales initiative. In this case, the company already had a local following and buzz around the brand and they didn’t have much time before their summer camps start date. They were 2 months out.

They had a list of parents whose children had attended classes throughout the year at school. In other words, they had a lead list.

Our focus was on 2 audiences:

  • Audience 1 - Lead ‘email’ list + Facebook following

  • Audience 2 - Lookalike of list #1 targeted to parents within 15 miles of the 6 different camp locations

Audience 1: We spend most of our budget on these leads because they were already aware of the brand and most likely to convert quickly. This was Kong Academy’s first year using social media advertising to fill events. Because of that, there was lots of missing information on the customer journey. Our strategy was to assume that they all wanted to send their kids to Parkour Camp and use email and Facebook ads to answer every possible question that the parents could have -- and repeatedly drive them to the buy now page.

Audience 2 -- Our object for this audience was reach. We wanted to get as many people in the area to know about the camps. The message was focused on the simple fact that all the summer camps in Seattle sell out before school is out, and many already were. We picked up some camp sales from this group, but the vast majority of sales from this group came from new inquiries from schools who wanted to bring in Kong Academy’s program - the higher ticket sale.


  • Summer camp enrollment – SOLD OUT

  • 2X yearly revenue goal achieved

  • 65X return on AD spend – in 6 weeks


Working with Radically Distinct made our lives so much easier. We had a lot to do before our summer camps...they took on all the marketing work and helped us more than double our revenue goals for 2018!
— Elke Robeshaw, COO of Kong Academy



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