We are A society dedicated to empowering The Thoughts, Ideas, and Ambitions of Women in Business.


our focus

The Sirens of Seattle provides businesswomen with practical self-marketing solutions to help them gain:   

  • More influence within their organizations.
  • More clients with less overwhelm.
  • More income without compromising what matters most.                                                                                                                          

Self-marketing is the use of branding tools to create an image around yourself that supports your vision. It gives you more opportunities to communicate your values and share your experiences with others.  

Women have specific and unique challenges when it comes to rising in ranks in business. We also have strengths and unique advantages as well. Our focus is to help you become better acquainted with all of them so you can attract more clients, make more money, and gain more influence in corporate America.


January 18, 2018--7-9AM--Inaugural Breakfast LAUNCH & Fundraiser For Puerto Rico 

Focusing Your Vision and Fine Tuning Your Strategy For 2018

Our inaugural breakfast, held at the beautiful Columbia Tower Club, brings together forward-looking businesswomen of multiple generations and diverse industries. Together we will focus our visions for the year, identify common barriers to success, and equip ourselves with the self-marketing tools necessary to accomplish our goals.

All proceeds from January’s breakfast will be sent to Bethenny Frankel’s B Strong program* for women and their families in crisis in Puerto Rico. Read our press release to learn why.

Joining Jenn Morgan as co-hosts are Katrina EileenKari Owens, and Susan Gellatly. Sponsored by The Columbia Tower Business Council and Puget Sound Latino Chamber Of Commerce. The featured speaker is one of Seattle's most influential people, Dr. Sarah Mhyre.

When: January 18, 2018, 7-9:00 AM

Where: The Columbia Tower Club

Topic: Focusing Your Vision and Fine Tuning Your Strategy For 2018

  • Taking Care of #1
  • Leverage
  • The View From The Top
  • Rising Above The Status Quo
  • Double Standards & Playing Politics

Format: Not your leisurely networking event, this power breakfast is designed to be fast paced and content rich program to help you develop your goals into an action plan.

Tickets: $150

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*B Strong has partnered with national disaster relief charity Delivering Good to provide people affected by the recent natural disasters gift cards, bank cards and critical supplies to help stabilize their lives and replace what was lost during recent disasters. Hear Bethenny Frankel speak about her relief trip to Puerto Rico in October, and how the donations are being used.