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Marketing #LikeAGirl Produces Extraordinary Results

Always #likeagirl campaign challenges a public perception and behavior that disempowers their primary user, young women. By using their marketing power to raise awareness of this cultural trope they give their brand deeper meaning and significance to their customer’s lives.

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6 Ways To Be A Radically Distinct Company In 2018

If you’re looking for a compelling way to differentiate your business so you can get ahead of your competitors, looking at data and trends across industries is an excellent place to start. We’ve compiled a list based on our research of the top 6 ways to we think businesses can get out of the herd and ahead of the curve to win in 2018.

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Seattle Companies Capitalizing On Culture As A Differentiation Strategy 

Differentiating based on culture is a smart strategy, but it’s not easy to do. You can’t just say you have a unique culture, you have to actually have one that is attractive and valuable to potential employees. Here is a list of Seattle based company’s gaining attention for doing it right.

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Marketing Design: Navigating the Journey From Unknown to Known

Markets are no respecter of legacy…only brand power. Those with the most brand power win. Marketing Design is the creation of brand power and the secret to capturing more market share.

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